Carob: The Healthiest Dog Cake Recipes Ingredient

Carob: An Essential Ingredient in Dog Cake Recipes

Chocolate is one of the ingredients in dog cake recipes that an owner needs to stay far away from. Most owners can attest to the fact that dogs that get into chocolate cause a lot of stress, emergency trips to the vet or a couple of days of cleaning up some pretty big messes. There are few substitutes in dog cake recipes for chocolate, but the most successful one to go with is carob.

What is Carob?

Carob is derived from an evergreen flowering shrub and belongs to the legume family. It is available in both a powder and chip form, making it easy to substitute into dog cake recipes and homemade dog food recipes too. The ingredient has a naturally sweet flavor and is packed with the nutrients that your dog needs. Adding carob to dog cake recipes adds vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B3, B6 and D to your dog’s diet. Additionally, carob is packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese and protein. Clearly, carob is a super food that can be added to any dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes.

What Health Benefits Does Carob Possess?

With all of the vitamins and nutrients packed into just one ingredient, it is little surprise that there are tons of health benefits to be had by your animal should you feed them carob. The fiber and pectin in carob helps eliminate toxins. Adding carob to dog cake recipes also helps to improve digestion, lower cholesterol and can be used to treat diarrhea as well. Additionally, carob can be used to help treat coughs, the flue and anemia. Dog cake recipes that include carob can also help animals fight osteoporosis because it helps to absorb calcium.

How is Carob Different Than Chocolate?

The most important component of carob is in all actuality what it does not contain rather than what it does contain. Unlike commercial chocolate, carob is free of theobromine, caffeine, phenylethylamine or fromamide. Putting chocolate in any dog cake recipes is making the product toxic to animals because all of the components are stimulants that can cause both migraines and allergic reactions. As a matter of fact, carob is also used in baking for humans who are allergic to chocolate. Carob also contains fewer calories than chocolate, making your dog cake recipes or homemade dog food recipes generally healthier for your pets.

Next time you are making a healthy treat for your pet, consider carob as a great and nutritious substitute for chocolate. Dog cake recipes that incorporate carob with other tasty and safe ingredients like peanut butter and yogurt are both delicious and nutritious for your pets. Specialty bakeries that bake only dog-related items sell containers of carob for your baking projects. Next time that you are looking for a delicious, chocolate-inspired treat for your animal, consider using carob. Carob is the ultimate of all super ingredients that makes homemade dog food recipes and dog cake recipes a smashing success.

Beginner Basic Dog Cake Recipes

Yummy Dog Cake Recipes

Here is a really easy way to get in the swing of things, if you aren’t good at banking or spend much time in the kitchen this is a good recipe for you to try out.

Then once you get the hang of things, you’ll be making lots of dog cake recipes for your loved friend.


The Ingredients

2 1/2 cups whole wheat flower

1 tsp of salt or less

1 egg

1 tsp beef or chicken bouillon granules

1/2 cup hot water

here is some add ins if you choose.

bacon,chicken broth, eggs,oats,liver powder,wheat germ,shredded cheese bacon bits.

How To Cook

set oven to 350

dissolve the bouillon in hot water

add renaming ingredients

knead dough until it forms a ball for 3 minutes

cut in to dog treat shapes

grease the pan cook for 30 minutes


Yummy Peanut Butter Yogurt Dog Cake Recipes

peanut butter dog treats

This is a really easy dog cake recipe you or you and the kids could make together for your pup.

Try it out and see how happy your dog will be after they try some them self’s.

Here is the recipe down below.

Your Ingredients

32 ounces vanilla yogurt

and 1 cup of peanut butter

How to make it

melt your peanut butter in a microwave safe bowel

combine the yogurt and the melted peanut butter together

pour the mixture into cupcake papers place in the freezer for frozen treats.



Dog Cake Recipes Basics: How To Video

How To Video

What you’ll need to get started before making homemade dog treats.




We also welcome all videos and photos of your baking experince and the outcome of your creative dog cake recipes efforts.

You can submit you videos or photos to us and will gladly post them on our front page for everyone to see.

Let us see your loved ones, we know at dog cake recipes that a dog isn’t just a pet but more like a family member or even sometimes a child.

Have fun and thanks for hanging out with us here.


Dog Cake Recipes: Organic VS Store Bought


dog food organicHow much do you love your dog? Is your pet more than just a dog? Are they like your child and a part of your family? If that’s the case then you might want to pay close attention to this alarming news that your about to skim across in this article. This is why dog cake recipes organic treats and dog food are way healthier for your pup.

Your beloved friend/ child could be in harm, your dogs health is at risk and you feed that risk to them twice a day and sometimes even more. without any idea on what type of damage is being caused to your dogs insides.

It’s a dirty and sneaky trick that pet food companies do, they use animal scarps and other by products to create their pet foods, which allows them to create a product for dirt cheap and sell it a premium price. Those pet food companies have concern for your dogs health what so ever.


Your about to find it all out, and then get some better healthier dog cake recipes and homemade dog food ideas that can add years to your dogs life.

Most dry dog foods is made with a machine called extruder this machine is ran by computers and has a long process of how your dogs dry food is created. Their is just one little problem with this machine that produces your pet food, and that’s the bacteria that gets in the dog food while being made.

Without sounding to harsh and like a crazy person , in reality the dog food us pet owners buy at Walmart and local pet stores, is really a bag of poison that we feed our dogs, that’s masked with good marketing and smell that our pets love.

It is true that during the cooking process of the dog food, bacteria is killed, but what was killed is easily picked back up during the drying and packaging process before shipped off to our local stores. The bacteria that sits in dog foods, can cause your pet cancer, and a lot of stomach issues leading to death if untreated.

Now lets take a look at Organic Food

Organic dog food is a great source for healthier dogs, no doubt about that. Their food is carefully made and doesn’t have all the processed foods and meat by products that main stream pet foods have.

What else is a major issue with organic dog foods? well, our country is in a economic down fall and employment is at an all time low, but you still need healthy pets and want to keep your loved one around for as long as possible. But organic dog food is very very expense to buy and keep feeding your pet.

A bag of dog treats that are organic can cost up to $10 dollars at the store for just a small package that’s  lot for a few dog treats.

You don’t want to keep feeding your dog unhealthy food, and you can’t afford the organic stuff, so what could you do to have a healthy balance?

Home made dog cake recipes is the best way to cut down on your price and add to your dogs health.


Making dog treats and homemade dog food is a lot easier than it may sound, and you can have step by step instructions from other pet lovers who have adopted this idea and now have healthier pets because of it.

Give it a shot and see the difference in your dog’s coat their smell, and how their energy levels will change for over all happier heather dog.


Dog Cake Recipes: Baking A Carrot Cup Cake

Fun dog cake recipesdog cake recipes carrot cake

Your best friend and you are hanging out in the kitchen, and your friend looks at you licking their lips and saying I wan’t some. You decide to be a great friend and bake up some awesome cup cakes for your buddy to show them just how special they really are to you. Now it’s time to get baking, this won’t take long it’s only a few steps and most of the ingredients you’ll need you already have laying around the house anyways.

To bake some quick and yummy cup cakes for that special friend, you’ll need a cup cake pan, 6 or 12 doesn’t matter depends on how many cup cakes you think your friend can eat! Then you will need to spray the pan with butter or use stick butter doesn’t really matter. You don’t wan’t to use those paper wrappers though because your feeding this to your dog and you don’t want them to swallow the paper.

The only thing you might need to run to the store for would be some yummy carrots, you could always get really creative and buy different colored one’s at that. Make a few cup cakes with orange ones and mix and match all the rest.


Once you get back from the store, and you have everything peppered and ready to go, now were ready to add our ingredients n to the bowel and start mixing it up. Down below is the list and instructions of how to make these yummy dog treats.

Carrot dog cake recipe Instructions

First pre heat your over to 350 F

Then grab a large mixing bowel

you need 2 cups of shredded carrots

3 eggs

1/2 cup applesauce unsweetened

2 tsp of cinnamon

1/2 cup of rolled oats

3 cups of whole wheat flower

thats for the Muffins

Now for the frosting

8 oZ  low fat cream cheese

 1/4 cup applesauce unsweetened

Now mix all of this together in your bowel, stiring  till it’s nicely mixed

then place the dough with a spoon in to the cup cake pan smoothing it out so that the hole is filled completely with the dough.

Once your oven is heated to the full 35oF then you will place the muffins on a wire rack in your over, set timer for 25 Min and sit back and wait. While that lovely smell flows out of the oven your special friend laying on the floor just waiting to see what you have been cooking up in the kitchen this whole time.

As their nose lifts to the air, and tale wags with curiosity of what could it be, is this treat for me? Or do I just have to smell the food in hope they drop some on the floor?

Now your dog cakes are done, the timer goes off, you start to move toward the oven, your buddy standing right next to you, licking those lips waiting to see what’s coming out of this oven that has smelt so good. You pull them out set them on the counter, let them dry for a few, then wah la.

Now your ready to serve your carrot dog cake recipe to your special friend and watch them live it up in doggy heaven.

As they eat and says thanks friend for making me my special dog treats they rock!