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274246_100001242703541_1074090863_qHi I’m Matt

Dog Cake Recipes is a blog that is fun and creative. We decided to create this blog, for the animal lover that want’s to do more for their best friends, we understand that a DOG isn’t just a pet but instead their a part of them family. They deserve Birth Day’s just like the rest of us right?

That’s why this blog was created, it’s filled with fun and exciting new ideas and How To’s so you can create an awesome fun cake and Birth Day for your Dog.


The team at Dog Cake Recipes, wants to bring you the best recipes out there, and we have come up with 25 awesome top dog recipes for your best friend and 4 legend child. You can check out the recipes by clicking the link at the end of this article.

We hope that you enjoy and we would love for you to share photos and your stories about your pets at home. Just post comments and you can also contact us with photos and videos of the cakes you made, and we will be happy to submit them on our front page for all of our viewers to see.

Glad to have you a bored and good luck baking those awesome Dog Cakes and making your Loved one a happy animal



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